Custom Maps for Atlases/Textbooks

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Our team of experienced cartographers, researchers and GIS professionals, can provide complete custom mapping services for Atlases. Our strong point is to not only supply maps as per the clients’ specifications but also help them by giving professional suggestion. We help publishers determine which areas to cover, what layouts to follow and even the scale of a map. Once decided we accurately follow the style sheet given by the clients. We have developed atlases with maps on diverse themes including physical, political, historical, cultural, economic, environmental etc.

Some of our atlas projects include:

Earth Atlas

Earth Atlas
Millennium House, New South Wales, Australia

Earth atlas is a significant big Atlas with 580 pages and 355 maps covering 194 countries. More than hundred international cartographers, oceanographers, and geographers have contributed in making this marvel. Our cartographers and GIS analysts worked as a team with the editors of Millennium House to produce 8 detailed maps of the Asian regions. Millennium maintained their reliance on us by getting their succeeding History Atlas; tracing the evolution of people across the world created by us.

World Atlas & Encyclopedia

World Atlas & Encyclopedia
Parragon Books Limited, Bath, United Kingdom

Parragon house is the world’s leading publisher of ‘illustrated non-fiction’ books. The World Atlas & Encyclopedia contains 240 maps in total, with double page map openers for continents and the world. Each country represents a thumbnail locator map, an illustrated flag and a country map with interesting facts and figures. The entire Atlas was conceptualized and materialized by our team of Cartographers, researchers and editors along with Atlantic publishing. We not only provided the maps but also the fact files and index as well.

101 Golf Courses

101 Golf Courses
Parragon Books Limited, Bath, United Kingdom

This book began our relationship with Parragon books, UK. Written by Geoffery Giles, the book covers 101 best golf courses across the world. We were approached by Parragon with a project to prepare maps of the Golf courses and we noticeably did the job in the same way as asked by Parragon. To accomplish the project and ensure quality, our cartographers and designers had to learn the basics of Golf. Each course has been described in detail and shows the illustrated map of the course with the holes, greens and the overall layout.

Key Benefit

  • Our Atlases, apart from a learning resource, have the potential of helping many publishing business grow in their respective fields.
  • Besides, our maps are visual treat; hence a layman can also comprehend the theme of the maps without much effort.
  • We can customize the maps as per the requirement of our clients.
  • Potential Users

  • Publishing houses, authors, travel agencies etc. can use our maps and atlases. We can also create customized atlases as per your requirements.
  • Schools and colleges as well as students and teachers can use our maps and atlases for reference and educational purposes.
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