Interactive Mapping Application

  • Interactive Map

Interactive maps of give you the freedom to design and customize maps of your choice. In our interactive maps you can illustrate, label, modify, fill colors of your choice and print the same. All you need to do is provide us with the required information and we will create the personalized interactive map for you. In our location locator maps, we provide clickable points to easily find your preferred location and its surrounding regions.
Our easily navigable and beautifully designed interactive maps will virtually bring you closer to the real-world location. Our maps are of high resolution and we use GIS data to show the actual locations of businesses over a geographical area.
You can zoom in and out and pan around the map. Identify features in the map, add additional information and pictures, perform queries on databases, generate reports, link to other sites and create printable maps (in PDF) based on themes.

Key Benefits

  • Interactive maps help to shape the understanding of different features on the map for the users.
  • Users can analyze the pattern of the data used in the map using different visualization tools that are linked to the map.
  • With location locator interactive maps, the user can easily find out the location of their interest and its surrounding regions.
  • Additional photos, images, video or text can be added to the interactive maps.
  • These maps come in all shape, sizes and themes and can be customized according to your requirement.
  • Potential Users

  • Travel companies and agents: The maps can be used to show tourist destinations, travel routes, lodging locations, photos of major attractions of each destination and for sharing other descriptions about the destination.
  • Tourist: Those interested in knowing about the major tourist destinations in the world or country of their choice can use our maps for detailed information on hotels, airports, seaports etc.
  • Researchers: For analytical studies our various interactive maps on countries, culture, history etc. can be used.
  • Real Estate builders and brokers: With the help of our maps actual location of the residential or commercial project can be shown. Our interactive maps can show the neighborhood of the house or property in concern. Such as nearby markets, highways, malls, medical centers, schools, colleges etc.
  • Besides, our maps are also useful for general references and can be used by any customers.
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