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    World Theme Map

Maps are not mere paper, they carry the entire world in a printable form. Maps are a vital source of knowledge as well as indelible ever-lasting impacts on the minds of the viewers with their vibrant and informative visuals. Connecting specific themes with specific geographical areas is a forte of MapXL. Our detailed maps clearly portray not only the theme but also display the geographical concepts. At MapXL, precision is our topmost priority. Our maps are created to meet the specific requirements of our clients and partners.

Key Benefits
i. Reveals the spatial distribution of one of two attribute data sets.
ii. Displays geographical concepts such as density, distribution, relative magnitudes, gradients, spatial relationships and movements.
iii. Addresses concerns and portrays specific data.
iv. Aids decision-making purposes: traffic maps help users make decisions regarding their travel plans.

Key features: –
Various nuances are kept in mind while designing Thematic Maps at MapXL. These intricacies mingled with technicality and superior technology helps in providing an enriching experience for our customers. The maps are designed exclusively for our clients according to their specific needs. A thematic map not only pertains to a specific theme but also displays geographical concepts such as density, distribution, relative magnitude, gradients, movements and spatial relationships. Thematic Maps are beneficiary as they address concern and portrays specific data.

Potential Users: –
Our maps are primarily designed for publishing industry, business purposes, travel industry, to name a few. Customized Thematic Maps at Maps of World are designed to enhance the experience of the person viewing them and plays a pivotal role in increasing a persons knowledge about the world. Maps are visual descriptions of the World around us and aid in developing creative environment.

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