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Visuals have a profound impact on human mind as compared to written text. To enrich one’s knowledge and perspective about the world, Wall Maps play a pivotal role. Wall Map not only helps in locating a place, enhances knowledge but also adds beauty to the surroundings of a room, office space, classrooms, educational institutions, to name a few. Our detailed maps clearly portray the intricacies of various networks of the world. We at MapXL, create maps to meet the requirements of our clients. Our maps are created with precision and updated with the recent developments. These maps are designed to enhance your experience and to strengthen the business interest of our clients. At MapXL, superior technology is used and maps are prepared using GIS/Satellite Imagery. Custom Wall Maps have vivid description of the places, cities, countries, highways, museums, transit routes, buildings, political boundaries, water bodies etc. Your customized map will be delivered to you digitally or in print form (if required).

Some of our projects are:

Groovy Guide to Mumbai

Groovy Guide to Mumbai
Groovy Map, Bangkok, Thailand

With an intention of Fun Mapped Out, Aaron Frankel, author and editor of Groovy series of maps, approached us for a series of maps on Mumbai. They spend lots of time in researching a city while producing their guides and have their own sets of icons and styles for a map. We provided them with five maps of Mumbai and our team of cartographers worked as a team with groovy map in finalizing these maps according to their requirements.

USA Wall Map

USA Wall Map
Compare Infobase Limited, New Delhi, India
Designed in a similar way as the India folded map, this wall map has been made for those who visits our website With a size of 28 inch width x 19 inch height, this wall map illustrates the states, rivers, lakes, mountain peaks and seven categories of cities classified as per their population. The map also shows detailed elevation at the background showing the physical features. The combination of political and physical features makes it very informative and interactive.

Key Features
Our Custom Wall Map are designed keeping in mind various nuances. These intricacies help in enhancing the overall map. We provide detailed, large scaled and folded Custom maps. These maps are designed as per the inputs of the clients which includes the area, features, dimensions and the details they want to use. At MapXL, our team gets an initial brief from the client, shows a sample, sets his requirements and then starts with the process of creating a map. The maps are then send to the clients for two-three rounds of iteration before finalization, ensuring the satisfaction of our clients. Visually appealing Custom Wall Maps leave a lasting impression on the mind and helps in enhancing our knowledge.

Potential Users
Our Maps are primarily designed for publishing industry, business purpose, travel agencies, to name a few. Our Custom Wall Maps are vital source of knowledge and aids in enhancing the experience of a person. Our customized maps are great for business purpose- to highlight corporate offices. Our customized maps enable individuals to add personalized touch to their maps. Our maps have unique symbols to designate a location or an area on the Custom Wall Map.At MapXL, maps are designed catering to the needs of the clients and to enhance the overall experience. Custom Wall Maps aids in enhancing the learning process by making it simple to understand and take in new information. Wall Maps helps in accelerating the creative process. So, become a proud owner of Custom Wall Maps designed by MapXL.

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