GIS Solutions and Services Explanation

Hazard Zone Mapping:For the pre- and post-studies of hazards, we provide maps depicting the areas most vulnerable and effected by the hazard depending on the severity. Maps are also available depicting various kinds of hazards.

Agricultural production area mapping:This type of mapping gives the agricultural production of an area over a map. The data compiled together of different areas gives a view to compare, analyze and strategize the production quantity.

Soil mapping:Changing climate causes change in types of soil. To give a better idea of the types of soil, we execute mapping of the same in various landforms.

Market location / CBD mapping:To get the nearest location of the market or the map of the business hub of an area of interest, we provide one of the best detailed maps in the industry.

Topographical mapping by satellite imagery:This service is used for making essential measurements to determine the relative position of points and/or physical and cultural details above, on, or beneath the surface of the Earth. We perform topographical surveys with high-resolution satellite imagery as well.

Thematic mapping:A theme based mapping is also performed to provide the best output for the user-specific requirement in a digital and in the form of a paper atlas.

Landslide zone and vulnerable area mapping:The landslide zones are mapped in accord to area vulnerability and sensitivity. The map is helpful in analyzing the areas more prone to landslides depending on its environment. The user is facilitated with detailed maps of landslide prone areas and effected areas.

Mining mapping:We map mines with the help of satellite imagery to study the extent of mining, mining fires and the effects caused by the mining activities due to its environ. We also provide solutions for effective and productive mining with GIS.

Land-use and land-cover mapping using satellite imagery:This type of analysis is performed with scientific calculations utilizing relevant mathematical calculations depending on the area of interest. We perform mapping of various landforms on the surface of the Earth and the land utilized by human activities with help of satellite imagery.

Trend analysis:To get the change occurred in the spatial data or in a particular area, we need a spatial view of the area. Through satellite imagery, we provide maps of change that has occurred in an area in due course of time. Further, we predict the trend followed for long durations based on the changes of natural features.

Road/ Railway network analysis:To plan the area of interest for the road/ rail network, we provide a complete analysis of the network in digital format, overlaid on satellite imagery making planning more cost-effective and time-efficient.

Digital terrain models and slope analysis:A detail of the elevation of the area is very important so in a situation of: hazard, urban planning, and recreational activities we provide the idea of the area of interest in a real life scenario.

Change Detection analysis: We create maps to analyze the change that has occurred in certain duration of time. This type of analysis is used to check the land cover or the land usage of the area for planning purposes.

Digital Elevation Model (DEM):These models are created with the help of satellite imagery and are very useful to all sectors which require elevation data to be visible on the maps. These are mostly utilized by planning sector or agencies.

Satellite Image processing:The satellite imageries are raw data. To use them in an acceptable format in order to perform further analysis, we provide large scale conversions, editing and correction required in satellite image processing.

Geo-referencing:To make a map useful, coordinates are required. We optimize and correct maps of all kinds with the best suited projection depending on client requirements.

Cadastral survey/parcel mapping:To avoid the paper work of land ownership, we provide maps which display an overview of land ownership details of the area of interest with the help of secondary data.

Asset management:We manage the utilities with GIS and map the location of many kilometres of overhead and underground circuits. Within GIS, the utility’s assets can be linked directly to the customer information system, allowing users to proactively monitor, vegetation management, and outages.

Power transmission network:Management of transmission corridors is costly and complex. Public utilities are under pressure to keep power flowing and to simultaneously stay vigilant to maintain their infrastructure in compliance with regulatory agencies. We perform power transmission mapping with the help of satellite imagery and complete 2 Dimensional data that we generate for the same.

Paper to CAD drafting / conversion:This includes digitization of various features as available in the paper to vector format. Further, the process helps in conversion of files to various formats, as per the requirements.

Digitization and labeling of features:This involves the tracing of various ground features in a digital format performed by considering raster or vector files as base data. This gives an output of the digital map by converting the paper map with all its features.

Geo-Spatial data creation and updating:This has emerged as an important aspect of the geo-spatial industry and is beneficial for sectors dealing in town planning, land management, agriculture, infrastructure and many more.

Contour generation:This is helpful to get descriptions of the height of the area of interest in digital and hardcopy format. It is mostly used by students, researchers, planners and government organizations in various kinds of analysis.

Survey:It is the initial step of planning to get a basic and detailed idea of the terrain. There are different devices used depending on the requirements and the need of accuracy of the client. The types of survey we perform are as follows:

a. Global positioning System (GPS)
b. Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS)
c. Total Station

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