How to Write a Comparison Essay

How to Write a Comparison Essay

Throughout the academic life, one has to be asked to compare and contrast either two subjects, two scientific processes or two theories. A comparison essay might be about two similar subjects with significant differences or similar subjects with significant differences and commonalities. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to construct a comparison paper, but following the required elements, one can produce a good essay.

Frame of Reference

A frame of reference is the context in which you put two subjects that you plan to compare under the same roof and extract similarities from them. This might consist of a theme, idea, theory or a question in which you extract information from. The best reference structure is constructed from various sources. Therefore, the writer should first consider the provided sources in order to come up with an effective argument.

Reasons for Comparison

When writing a comparison essay, one has to determine whether he or she wants to compare different subjects or contrast similar subjects. Also, you have to give reasons unto why you are carrying out your comparison by giving the foundation behind your choice. For instance, if a paper requires a comparison between the World War I and the World War II, you need to give a reason for your choice.

Develop a Thesis

Just like any other essay, a comparison paper requires the main point that you will be focusing on. A thesis statement for this essay can be developed from the frame of references but this depends on how the two subjects that you are comparing relate to each other. One can consider whether the two things complicate, collaborate or debate one another. Furthermore, in a paper that focuses on differences only, you can use the term ‘whereas’ in the thesis.

Organize Your Essay

Now that the writer is fully prepared with enough materials one can start crafting the essay. The introduction of a comparison essay contains information from the frame of reference, reasons for comparison and thesis. This will be helpful to the readers because they will understand the bases of your essay. However, the body paragraphs can be organized in a text-by-text method which means that you have to give all your argument about one subject then move to the next subject. Also, all your arguments should link with the thesis in order to advance your argument.


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